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Spray Tan Tips & Application Instructions:

1) For best results ask someone to apply the spray for you. Maybe team up and do each others tan:

Booth Elliott's self application and self tanning products feature multi-directional spray technology which is perfect for those difficult to get to places!

2) For best results exfoliate your skin before you apply Booth Elliott's tanning products:

Exfoliating is easy, just shower and towel down a couple of hours prior to application. This will remove dead skin cells and improve tan development and make the tan longer lasting.

3) Choose your spray area carefully:

Prepare to create yourself a beautiful tan with minimal housework!

Although our tanning products are water soluble, it is advisable to apply tanning spray in a bathroom - or any room that is not carpeted, i.e. so you can simply wipe away any overspray. Alternatively lay down a sheet or towels and these can easily be washed.

Important Note: it is advisable to wear disposable gloves when applying tanning lotion to avoid the tan developing on your hands or alternatively wash your hands thoroughly after application. When spraying always be careful to cover eyes, lips and mucous membranes. If possible ask someone to help you spray your face and more difficult to reach areas and do not breath or swallow the mist or mousse.

4) Streak Avoidance - spread the product evenly:

Even with STATE OF THE ART airbrush spray technology it is important to spread the product evenly. To optimise complete coverage we recommend that after spraying you lightly massage the area covered. (For this stage we recommend you use disposable gloves or wash hands thoroughly after application).

5) After Application:

Do not shower or wash for 4-6 hours after application to allow the area covered to develop the tan.

If you have used 200ml Tanning Spray with Instant Bronzer, the bronzing colour dries in a matter of minutes. There will be little risk of discolouration to clothes & bed sheets. Don't worry as the colours we use are readily soluble in water & will come out in the wash.

6) To adjust the shade of your tan:

200ml Self Tanning Mist has 8% DHA content, which is comparable to a salon product. The tan will last 5 to 7 days. If you want to build a darker tan, apply more frequently & if you want a lighter tan then use less frequently. As a general rule we suggest the following spray frequency:-

Light Tan - Apply every 7 days.
Medium Tan - Apply every 5 days.
Dark Tan - Apply every 3 days.

You can vary the application frequency to build the depth of tan that suits you.

Spray Tan Tips & Application Instructions:


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